I assume you all know how to repair a punctured tube (find hole, roughen surface, apply glue, let dry, apply patch, etc.), that said a couple of recent non-MFCC incidents promt me to add a few quick tips:

Getting the tyre off:

- Before you start make sure the tyre is free from the rim, on both sides. (just push the tyre away from the rim with your thumbs).

- Lever two or three tyre levers under the bead of the tyre, about 2-3 inches apart. Then lever all 2 / 3 over together – it sounds harder but works better than doing them one by one.

French chalk:

After applying the patch sprinkle chalk dust over the remaining, unused glue on the tube. This’ll prevent the tube from sticking to the tyre.

Check the tyre for foreign objects:

   - If a thorn caused your puncture and it is still embedded in the tyre then it will cause another puncture as soon as you inflate the fixed tube.

   - The easy check is to run your fingers round the inside of the tyre and feel for anything that shouldn’t be there.

   - Pedantic check is to look carefully at the point where the puncture was found in the tube (assuming you haven’t moved the tyre on the rim).

Putting the repaired/replacement inner tube back in:

   - Put one side of the tyre on the rim completely, leave the other side completely off (so tyre hangs off one side of the wheel).

   - Put a little bit of air in the tube, just enough to give it shape – this will help avoid trapping it when you put the tyre back (if you trap the tube between the tyre and rim then you’ll almost certainly get a new puncture)

   - When putting the tube in, start with the valve – it’s the only bit that has to go in a specific place

   - Once you’ve got the tyre back on, push the valve in a little (push away from the hub), then push the tyre to the rim (near the valve) and then pull the valve back through – this makes sure the tyre is seated properly near the valve.